Forest Park Lab provides excellence in contract software consulting services to our clients. Depending on your needs, these services may include project management, requirements definition, specification development, documentation editing, or software design and development.

Technical Specialties

We specialize in software development services for desktop applications, client server protocols, system services, device drivers, and SQL database development for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. Specific knowledge and experience include:

  • Visual Studio
  • .NET, C#, WinForms, WPF
  • C++, C, Win32
  • wxWidgets
  • XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • SQL, Stored Procedures, SQLite
  • MS Access, OLEDB, ADO.NET
  • Message Queuing/MSMQ
  • MacOS/OS X, Cocoa
  • XCode
  • Embedded systems
  • Object oriented design
  • TCP/IP, client/server, sockets, WinSock2
  • DDK, Windows kernel device drivers
  • Windows Services
  • Multithreaded, high performance servers
  • 80x86 low-level assembly debugging
  • IIS, Web Services
  • Design Patterns
  • Source Control, VSS

Project Experience

  • Mac/Windows desktop application providing download and viewing of weather information
    (wxWidgets, C++, sockets, SQL).
  • Mac/Windows desktop application to send/receive e-mail over slow connections (wxWidgets, C++, sockets, SQL).
  • Kernel device driver for high speed machine vision application (DDK, C++).
  • Application and UI for updating EEPROM within hardware device (C++, Win32)
  • Web Services for an online game product (C#, Web Services, XML).
  • Real-time log file viewer utility for server service (C#, WinForms).
  • Security system monitoring application (C#, WinForms, ADO.NET).
  • Application for access and display of proprietary e-mail database (C++, Win32, MFC).
  • Calendar application for management and notification of personal reminders (C#, WinForms).
  • Photo viewer and slide show application for image files within a folder, with database of descriptions
    for each (.NET 4, C#, WPF, XML).
  • High performance, multi-threaded Windows Service managing networked Windows CE devices and
    SQL server backend database (C++, Win32, OLEDB, WinSock2, MSMQ, I/O completion ports, TCP/IP, SQL).
  • Driver for NAND flash memory for FlashFX Pro (Windows CE, Platform Builder, C).
  • Custom local database for Windows CE device, synchronized over network from SQL (C++, XML, Win32, WinSock2).
  • Modifications to USB HID driver for Windows CE device (C++).
  • SQL Extended Stored Procedures for notifications to custom Windows service (C++, Win32, MSMQ).
  • Web-based e-mail client software (HTML, ASP, C++, ATL/COM, SQL).
  • Dynamically loaded filter modules for incoming e-mail (C++, Win32, ATL/COM, OLEDB, SQL, MS Access).
  • E-mail system for airline users in flight (C++, Win32, OLEDB, ATL/COM, HTML, ASP, SQL).
  • Windows NT service for Windows to X-Windows font conversion (C, Win32, sockets, XLib).
  • Software update utility and UI for Windows CE device (C++, Win32).
  • Cut and paste utility between Windows and X-Windows (C, Win32, XLib).
  • Port of VxWorks operating system to the TI34020 processor (C).
  • Redesign VxWorks memory manager to minimize fragmentation (C).
  • Flash memory driver for VxWorks (C).


Our clients have included Synergis Systems LLC, Driver Development Corporation, Opteon Corporation, Datalight Inc., Ocean & Coastal Environmental Sensing Inc., and Phantom Entertainment Inc. (formerly Infinium Labs).

If you are looking for high quality software development services, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

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